Partner with Northland

Northland Power has long experience as a successful partner in power projects. We are fair and open partners with deep engineering expertise and the financial know-how to successfully attract both construction and permanent financing.

Ideal Northland partners include:

  • First Nations: Northland has a record of successful First Nations partnerships. We have an agreement with Mnidoo Mnising Power on a Manitoulin Island wind project and with Constance Lake First Nation on four Kabinikagami run-of-river hydro projects. We worked with First Nations in Saskatchewan to create construction job opportunities on a power project there, and we have development agreements with First Nations in both Quebec and British Columbia.
  • Communities: Northland is partnering with the town of Frampton, Quebec on a wind project in that municipality and has won praise from communities where we have operating facilities. We work hard to be a good neighbour and an active participant in supporting our host communities.
  • Independent Developers: Northland can provide the technological support and capital to realize your project’s full potential. Equally important we understand development and will respect and value the progress you’ve made. Working with Northland is the best way to protect your investment and stay involved.

Why is Northland such a good partner? One reason is that we build projects we intend to own and operate. As a result, our project plans are financially strong and use the best available technologies. We also build both our facilities and our relationships to last for many years.

If you are a First Nation, municipality or independent developer who needs an experienced, fair and open partner for a clean or renewable power generation opportunity, please get in touch.

To explore a joint venture with Northland Power, email us at