Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our assets and facilities to include sound management of our economic initiatives and business practices and upholding our social responsibilities to our communities and workforce.

Mike Crawley

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Our Goals


Inspiring our Workforce, Empowering our People


Global Leadership in Clean and Green Power


Strong Governance Leads to Prosperity for all Stakeholders


Diversity. Education and training. Health & Safety. Local communities. Indigenous partnerships. These are some of the ways that Northland shows its commitment to social sustainability.

Monica Liu, General Manager, Northland Power Taiwan, at the Changhua beach clean-up with partner and daughters
Monica Liu, General Manager, Northland Power Taiwan, at the Changhua beach clean-up with partner and daughters.

Celebrating our Impact

In Mexico, we established a strong relationship with the ejido La Lucha. As a symbol of their gratitude, they invited our employees to join them at a traditional Mexican barbacoa.

School Lunch Sponsorship Program

In Taiwan, we started a school lunch program at 46 primary and secondary schools to support the fishing coastal townships in the Changhua region.


Creating sustainable strategies. Reducing our footprint. Protecting wildlife. Restoring habitats. This is how we’re building a cleaner and greener future.

Wildlife Protection

In Mexico, we moved plants and animals from the land we cleared to construct our 130 MW La Lucha solar project. In Europe, we supported a North Sea study on bat migration.

Cleaner and Greener

Worldwide, our employees are clearing waste and restoring land to support local animals.

Monica Liu, General Manager, Northland Power Taiwan, at the Changhua beach clean-up with partner and daughters
Phrynosoma cornutum, commonly known as Horned lizard, is one of the most widely distributed species of wildlife at our La Lucha project.
Northland Employee at beach clean-up – Changhua, Taiwan
Northland Power staff posing with a special wall that was created for birds and amphibians.


Transparent policies and initiatives. Inclusive and diverse culture. Alignment with interest of shareholders and stakeholders. This is how we strengthen corporate governance to create prosperity for our stakeholders and inspire investor confidence.

Strengthening our Corporate Governance

Enhanced Board diversity and structure with targets for independence, gender, term and age limits. Enhanced shareholder communication policy and Board endorsement of environmental, social and governance initiatives.

Little Native Hockey League opening ceremony

Investing in Our Communities

In Mexico and Taiwan, programs, sponsorships, and construction expenses supported the community and local economy where we work on our projects, La Lucha and Hai Long. Our Canadian sponsorships last year include Downie Wenjack Fund’s Legacy Schools Program, the Little Native Hockey League, and Sick Kids’ Get Loud March.

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