Sustainability drives all our efforts at Northland. We define intelligent energy as the ability to meet present needs without compromising future potential.

To read our 2018 Sustainability Report, click here.

Sustainability for Northland has many dimensions:

  • Inspired Workforce: Safety is our number one priority. As part of ensuring a healthy and productive environment for all employees and contractors, we work as a team to collectively take responsibility for delivering our services in a safe, responsible and efficient manner. In addition, we place great importance on fostering the highest ethical standards and professionalism amongst our leadership and workforce. We strive to enable an entrepreneurial culture of top talent and are committed to offering competitive wages and ensuring inclusivity in our hiring, promotions, and overall business practices.
  • Global Leader in Clean and Green Power: Northland was founded on the belief that clean and green energy is vital to the future of our planet – a principle that guides our business focus to this day. We make environmental protection a priority throughout our development, construction and operations efforts.
  • Prosperity for all Stakeholders: Our corporate strategy is to continually increase shareholder value by creating high-quality projects underpinned by revenue contracts that deliver predictable cash flows. We benefit from a diversified asset portfolio which includes significant development in sustainable infrastructure assets, as well as an ongoing focus in reducing costs by improving efficiency and adopting innovative technologies. We also have a community investment strategy involving our entire workforce, which ranges from giving time to contributing financially through direct donations and fundraising campaigns. 
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  • 2018 Sustainability Report

    Read our 2018 Sustainability Report

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